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Breader Blender Sifter

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Brush cover, B201CS

Brush cover and lug support, 24" with 2" collar

Brush cover, B201S

Brush cover and lug support, 20" long

Brush cover, B201SC2

Brush cover and lug support, 20" long with 2" collar

Brush end assembly, B163

Shaft drive end assembly for sifter brush, with mounted stainless steel plate

Brush hanger, B219H

Wire shelf brush hanger with B219 brush post

Brush post, B219

Brush post with mounting hardware

Brush shaft end, B153

Brush shaft end, square hole, drive end

Brush shaft end, B154

Brush shaft end, round hole, pivot end

Bullet foot, B243

Bullet foot for sifter tables

Bullet foot, B243LONG

Bullet foot assembly, long

Bun pan rack, B420

Bun pan rack that hangs from backpanel on BBS tables

Caster set, B241

Set of 4 - 5" locking caster for sifter tables

Caster set, B244

Set of 6 - 5" locking casters for sifter tables

Caster, B240

5" locking caster for sifter tables

Caster, B603

5" locking caster for square leg

Caster, LJSD07

Small locking caster

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