Breader / Blender / Sifter

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Model B132, 1/2 basket, no springs or hook

Link to YouTube video at bottom of page

Model B133, green lamp 125/250V

green lamp 125/250V

Model B135, amber lamp 125/250V

amber lamp 125/250V

Model B136, Red round push button switch

Red round push button switch, includes green cover (B136C)

Model B136C, Red round switch cover

Red round switch cover

Model B137, Green start button

Green start button for BBS-EC sifters, Includes green cover (B137C)

Model B137C, Green round switch cover

Green round switch cover

Model B138, Red rectangular toggle switch

Red rectangular toggle switch, 125/250V

Model B139, Green rectangular toggle switch

Green rectangular toggle switch, 125/250V

Model B141, Fuse, 3.15 amp

Fuse, 3.15 amp

Model B142, fuseholder


Model B145, ac receptacle

ac receptacle