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1/2 Size Pan Bracket, B127B

Stainless steel bracket for 1/2 size pan

1/2 size pan, B111

Stainless steel 1/2 size pan, 2 1/2" deep

1/2 size pan, B127

Stainless steel 1/2 size pan, 6" deep

1/3 size pan, B104

Stainless steel 1/3 size pan, 6" deep

1/3 size pan, B104-4

Stainless steel 1/3 size pan, 4" deep

2/3 size funnel pan, B128F

Stainless steel 2/3 size funnel pan, 6" deep, with hole

2/3 size pan, B128

Stainless steel 2/3 size pan, 6" deep

AC receptacle, B145

AC receptacle with noise filter

Adapter cover, B250

Stainless steel adapter cover plate for B302 lug

Aluminum lug, B103

Aluminum lug without hole

Amber lamp, B135

Amber lamp, 115V/230V


Stainless steel grid for tub bottom

Backpanel, B221

18" stainless steel backpanel for BBSU4830

Backpanel, B224

24" tall backpanel for BBSU5730

Backpanel, B231

28" stainless steel backpanel for BBSUL2934 and BBSUL2934BPC

Basket Hanging Rail, B632

Stainless steel rail, used on BBSUL2934P

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