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Double-Door Marinator

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Double Door Marinator

Digital timer base, 3550413

Digital timer base for marinators and stirrer timer (LSTB)

Timer mounting adapter, 3550414

Timer mounting adapter for marinators and stirrer timer box

11 pin relay base, 3550416

11 pin relay base for both 115V & 230V

3 AMP breaker, 3550436

3 AMP breaker for 115V marinators

Marinator caster, B631

Marinator caster, for square leg

Square leg caster insert, 3600071-2

Square leg caster insert for marinators, black plastic

Red emergency stop switch, 3700014

Red emergency stop switch for marinators

Digital Timer, 3700016

Digital Timer for marinators and stirrer timer (LSTB)

Marinator motor box cover, 5001996-010

Marinator motor box cover

Marinator drive and slip clutch assembly, 5001996-122

Marinator drive and slip clutch assembly

Marinator drive assembly, 5001996-020

Marinator drive assembly

Blue star drive connection, 5001996-021

Blue star drive connection for marinator shaft

Plastic disc for marinator drum lid, 5001996-024

Plastic disc under marinator drum lid handle

Marinator motor, 5001996-027

115V marinator motor

Marinator motor, 5004573-010

115V marinator motor

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